Christine Carroll

Christine is an Executive Producer for Algonquin Records. She is also the co-writer & back vocalist for The Chesterfield Chronicles.

From Chicago, Illinois, Christine is also an abstract painter. She created the cover art for the Chronicles EP released in 2020 and the cover art for the 2024 full length album by Flowergoon.

Click here for Christine's art at Suomu Studio on Instagram.

Jon Monroe

Evan added spoken word to music composed by Los Angeles, California's Jon Monroe. The​ instrumental version was featured in an episode of "I Am A Killer" on Netflix.

Click here to visit Jon's web site.

Click here to listen to the song on Soundcloud.

Click here to watch the music video.

Cynthia Mackenzie

The cover art for the book "Tonight We Take Parry Sound" was created by London, Ontario's Cynthia Mackenzie. She named the painting "Into Existence".

Click here for Cynthia's web site.